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Working in an office is quite a bit harder than most people realize. Sitting for hours on end may seem like nice, but for those who do, it isn’t. In order to avoid damage, it’s important to have the right chair. Luxurious chairs are available, but they come at a premium. Getting the best office chair on the market would easily cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, some of the most expensive chairs cost thousands of dollars. Not everyone has the money to afford something like that, so it might be better to look for the Best Office Chair under $300.

The VIVA Office High Back Mesh Chair is one example of a great available for a reasonable price. The mesh fabric provides airflow that keeps the user cool even after hours of use. A sturdy and compact frame supports up to two hundred and fifty pounds and a cushioned seat provides comfort. Even though the frame supports well over two hundred pounds, it only weighs a little over forty pounds itself and only takes about fifteen minutes to assemble.

The Flash Furniture BL-X-5M Chair is another incredibly light chair that offers quite a bit of support for the user. Rated at two hundred pounds, this chair should support most any user at a seat height of just over forty-two inches. The seat itself is made of a fire-retardant material that keeps the user cool and comfortable for as long as nine hours. Passive lumbar support will help users avoid back damage over longer periods of use. Amazingly, this model only weighs about twelve pounds.

The DX Formula Series DOH/FH11 is not only reasonably priced, it’s also very stylish. Although this model is considered a gaming chair, it serves office employees well. The back and top help shape the spine into a healthy shape while the sides offer excellent support. Adjustable arm supports can extend work periods and help avoid injuries that may be caused by repetitive tasks such as typing. Although the chair weighs a little over ninety pounds, the frame is durable and supports users over two-hundred pounds.

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